Open topics for theses and practical courses

Unless otherwise specified, all topics are available as practical course (P1/P2), bachelor or master thesis.


Work group:


Oracle analysis of distant supervision errors

Weakly supervised discourse relation prediction

Incomplete Schema Relation Clustering

Weakly supervised learning with latent class predictions

Gradient matching for semi-supervised learning

Threshold-finding for knowledge-base completion using Gaussian processes

Path-based knowledge-base completion

Better sentence representations based on BERT

Explainable Policies for Game Play [Master Thesis]

Learning Composable Policies [Master Thesis]

The Cost of Feedback

Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Electronic Circuit Design [Practical Course]

Algorithms for Finding Matched Molecular Pairs

2D pharmacophore descriptors for machine learning and similarity searches

Detecting errors in protein crystal structures

Molecular Puzzle

Causal inference for wind turbine extreme events [Bachelor or Master thesis]

Clustering of physiological, behavioral and climatic data of wild boars (Sus scrofa) [Bachelor or Master thesis]

Clustering of spatio-temporal climatological data [Master thesis]

Reinforcement Learning from Implicit and Explicit Feedback

Machine Learning for Personalized Education [Practical Course or Bachelor Thesis]

Probabilistic Models of Multimodal Distributions

Reward Inference for Sequential Decision Making from Diverse and Implicit Feedback [Master Thesis]

Imitation Learning Under Domain Mismatch

Selecting Sequences of Items for Non-monotone functions [Bachelor or Master Thesis]

Posterior Consistency in Partial Variational Autoencoders

Pharmacoinformatics Research Group [Practical Course]

Evaluation of different nowcasting techniques and data bases for temperature nowcasting

Exploratory Data Analysis on the GPU - Cuda Warp Level Primitives and Independent Thread Scheduling [Bachelor or Master Thesis]

Exploratory Data Analysis with Google TPU [Bachelor or Master Thesis]

Causal inference among climatological time series with extreme events [Master thesis]

Data Mining on Real World Accelerometer Time Series [Master thesis]

Implementation of Data Mining Approach for Short-range Temperature Forecasts

SIGMOD programming contest



  • Yigit Berkay Bozkurt, Bachelor Thesis: "Anomaly Detection by Heterogenous Graphical Granger Causality and its Application to Climate Data", 2019
  • Christina Pacher, Bachelor Thesis: "Clustering Weather Stations: A Clustering Application for Meteorological Data", summer term 2019
  • Thomas Spendlhofer, Bachelor Thesis: "Evaluating the usage of Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for unsupervised learning on the example of the k-means algorithm", summer term 2019
  • Ernst Naschenweng, Bachelor Thesis: "A cache optimized implementation of the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm", summer term 2018
  • Hermann Hinterhauser, Bachelor Thesis: "ITGC: Information-theoretic grid-based clustering", summer term 2018, accepted paper in EDBT 2019 (download available here)
  • Mahmoud A. Ibrahim, Bachelor Thesis: "Parameter Free Mixed-Type Density-Based Clustering", winter term 2017/2018, accepted paper in DEXA 2018 (download available here)
  • Markus Tschlatscher: "Space-Filling Curves for Cache Efficient LU Decomposition", winter term 2017/18
  • Theresa Fruhwuerth, Master Thesis: "Uncovering High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Patterns through Audio Fingerprinting and Periodicity Mining Algorithms: An Exploratory Analysis", summer term 2017
  • Robert Fritze, PR1 "Combining spatial information and optimization for locating emergency medical service stations: A case study for Lower Austria", summer term 2017
  • Alexander Pfundner, PR2 "Integration of Density-based and Partitioning-based Clustering Methods", summer term 2017
  • Anton Kovác, Katerina Hlavácková-Schindler, Erasmus project, "Graphical Granger Causality for Detection Temporal Anomalies in EEG Data", winter term 2016/17 (download available here)