Time: Thursday 02:00 p.m.
Location: online (Zoom link in Mattermost channel)
Slides can be found in our SVN repository.

Date Speaker Title
29. 06. 2023 Rainer Wöß Visualization of spatio-temporal influences of wind related meteorogical variables in a wind turbine farm in Andau
11. 05. 2023 Johannes Lehner, Benedikt Alkin, Lukas Miklautz Masked Autoencoders with Contrastive Learning for Clustering and Classification
27. 04. 2023 Xin Sun Gaussian Dynamic Convolution for Efficient Single-Image Segmentation
30. 03. 2023 Alexander Pintsuk Visualization of causal inference for wind turbine extreme events
26. 01. 2023 Kejsi Hoxhallari Statistical validation and visualization of causal inference with extremes in wind turbine data set
21. 07. 2022 Collin Leiber The DipEncoder: Enforcing Multimodality in Autoencoders
24. 02. 2022 Peter Dolog Understanding and Predicting User Behavior by Data Analysis and Machine Learning
20. 01. 2022 Dominik Mautz Exploratory Cluster Analysis with Jointly Optimized Feature Transformations

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