Time: Thursday 11:30 a.m.
Location: Conference room OG3 (3.28)
Slides can be found in our SVN repository.

19. 07. 2018Tatiana Valentina GuyLazy Learning for Dynamic Decision Making
26. 07. 2018Ernst NaschenwengA cache optimized implementation of the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
16. 01. 2019Robert FritzeAlgorithm engineering: Mergesort with SIMD paradigm
16. 01. 2019Martin PerdacherData Mining Primitives for Modern Hardware
28. 03. 2019Christina PacherClustering Weather Stations: A Clustering Application for Meteorological Data
09. 05. 2019Wojciech KulmaImplementation of an efficient random forest library for a python based machine learning framework
09. 05. 2019Can AltinigneliHierarchical Quick Shift and Neural Networks
16. 05. 2019Enrico SchulzStability and Heterogeneity of Cortical Patterns of Pain Processing
19. 06. 2019
Martin PerdacherHigh-Performace Similarity Join
27. 06. 2019Thomas SpendlhoferEvaluating the usage of Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for unsupervised learning on the example of the k-means algorithm
27. 06. 2019Hermann HinterhauserInformation-theoretic grid-based clustering
01. 08. 2019Thorsten SteuerClustering GPS data to derive transportation patterns in road construction
t.b.d.Nataliya Sokolovskat.b.d.

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