Time: Thursday 02:00 p.m.
Location: BigBlueButton meeting
Slides can be found in our SVN repository.

16. 01. 2020Stefan NeumannProvably Finding Tiny Clusters in Bipartite Graphs
30. 04. 2020Aigerim ZhamukhanovaQuality and Runtime Analysis of Stoachastic Gradient Descent K-Means
30. 04. 2020Lorenz KummerClassification of Road Conditions and Types Based on Mobile Devices Telemetry Data
28. 05. 2020Yllka VelajRecommending Links to Maximize the Influence in Social Networks
04. 06. 2020
(3.00 p.m.)
Nils KriegeMatching and Embedding Graphs
18. 06. 2020
(5.00 p.m.)
Martin TeuffenbachAdversarial Example Attacks in Computer Vision and NIDS
25. 06. 2020Daniel SoukupNew directions in structured synthetic data generation
30. 07. 2020Natalia TretiakovaPredicting Sales Pipeline for Customer Relationship Management Data Using Machine Learning Methods
t.b.d.Nataliya Sokolovskat.b.d.

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