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31. 10. 2019Lena BauerPlanting Synchronisation Trees for Discovering Interaction Patterns among Brain Regions (ICDM PhD Forum)
26. 09. 2019Yigit Berkay BozkurtAnomaly Detection by Heterogenous Graphical Granger Causality and Its Application to Climate Data
01. 08. 2019Thorsten SteuerClustering GPS data to derive transportation patterns in road construction
27. 06. 2019Thomas SpendlhoferEvaluating the usage of Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for unsupervised learning on the example of the k-means algorithm
27. 06. 2019Hermann HinterhauserInformation-theoretic grid-based clustering
19. 06. 2019
Martin PerdacherHigh-Performace Similarity Join
16. 05. 2019Enrico SchulzStability and Heterogeneity of Cortical Patterns of Pain Processing
09. 05. 2019Wojciech KulmaImplementation of an efficient random forest library for a python based machine learning framework
09. 05. 2019Can AltinigneliHierarchical Quick Shift and Neural Networks
28. 03. 2019Christina PacherClustering Weather Stations: A Clustering Application for Meteorological Data
16. 01. 2019Robert FritzeAlgorithm engineering: Mergesort with SIMD paradigm
16. 01. 2019Martin PerdacherData Mining Primitives for Modern Hardware



26. 07. 2018Ernst NaschenwengA cache optimized implementation of the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
19. 07. 2018Tatiana Valentina GuyLazy Learning for Dynamic Decision Making
07. 06. 2018Claus HofmannUsing Machine Learning Methods for Particle Tracking for the CERN Large Hadron Collider
17. 05. 2018Sahar Behzadi SoheilKnowledge Discovery from Heterogeneous Data: Clustering and Anomaly detection
19. 04. 2018Maximilian LeodolterExpose Presentation: Machine Learning Methods for Time Series Mining with Applications to Trip Reconstruction in Mobility Research
21. 03. 2018Raphael SahannStudy Path Distance Metric
08. 03. 2018Saman Paidar NiaDeep Learning Clustering
01. 03. 2018Monika PapolovaA New Biclustering Algorithm Based on Association Rule Mining
01. 03. 2018Markus TschlatscherSpace-filling curves for cache-efficient LU decomposition
01. 02. 2018Roman FeldbauerHubness: Excessive popularity in music, life, and mobility
25. 01. 2018Lukas MiklautzKate Autoencoder for low dimensional projections (Master Thesis)
18. 01. 2018Benjamin SchellingSpheres I - The Beginning



07. 12. 2017Martin PerdacherData Mining Primitives for Modern Hardware
07. 12. 2017Benjamin SchellingThe current state of KMN and its future developments
16. 11. 2017Sahar Behzadi SoheilDependency anomaly detection for heterogeneous time series: A Granger-Lasso approach
09. 11. 2017Cherifa Sabrina AmroucheClustering with adaptive similarity measure for track reconstruction in particle physics
20. 07. 2017Gert SluiterRandom edge deletion clustering
20. 07. 2017 Fatemeh AmiriSoft Computing Techniques in Data Mining
22. 06. 2017Maximilian LeodolterSemi-supervised Segmentation of Accelerometer Time Series for Transport Mode Classification
22. 06. 2017Robert MoskovitchTime Intervals Mining
31. 05. 2017Robert Fritze Combining spatial information and optimization for locating emergency
medical service stations: A case study for Lower Austria
17. 05. 2017Vera KurkovaLimitations of shallow neural networks
26. 04. 2017Petrina PapazekArtificial Neuronal Network based Short-Range Wind Speed Forecasts (Master Thesis)
25. 04. 2017Milan PalusInformation transfer across time scales
20. 04. 2017Martin Perdacher"Multi-core K-means", Talk for SIAM Data Mining Conference 2017
23. 03. 2017Markus StraussModelling Comorbidities and Complex Phenotypes: A Master's Thesis in Progress.
23. 03. 2017Theresa FruhwürthUncovering High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Patterns through
Audio Fingerprinting and Periodicity Mining Algorithms: An Exploratory Analysis
17. 01. 2017Maximilian LeodolterData Mining / Machine Learning of Spatial-Temporal Mobility Data
10. 01. 2017Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Ecker-LalaBeschreibung und Analyse unscharfer Daten



06. 12. 2016Benjamin SchellingLevy Walk Clustering: "Hunting for Cluster"
06. 12. 2016Sahar Behzadi SoheilHybrid Clustering Algorithm
22. 11. 2016Martin PerdacherCache-oblivious Loops Based on a Novel Space-filling Curve
25. 10. 2016Katerina SchindlerovaEstimation of entropy and mutual information
11. 10. 2016Martin PerdacherArchtiecture of Ivanhoe